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Taking a break from her job as host of Noir Not The Father, Stella has joined the NSNP team as a cover-story expert. She can make any lie become a reality; so, if you have a pesky neighbor who is always nosing around, Stella knows exactly how to get rid of them. She is great at making up stories to ensure no one hears about your "accidents." You don't want to get on her bad side because she has no problem flipping around the truth.


BLAIR MORGAN - Stain Queen/ Manager

After years of being a crime scene clean-up specialist, Blair has decided to use her talents for more domestic messes. With her background, she has learned a thing or two about getting rid of all evidence...of stains, that is. Blair is the head honcho, which could cause some HR issues considering she has been with at least two of our current employees. But don't worry, your house will be spotless when she is done.


*While we are currently working on Blair's kleptomania, we make no promises that things won't suddenly go missing. 

JACK SADLER - Reconstructor 

We know sometimes things can get a little out of hand. As a bar owner, Jack has had to deal with putting his business back together after numerous bar fights and bathroom quickies. He is no stranger to making the worst messes into picture perfect spaces. If you have thrown a temper tantrum and destroyed everything in your house, he doesn't judge.; he just picks up his handy tool kit and goes to work. 




Sometimes we have to break the Stain Removal Code of Conduct, that's where Ol' Mick comes in. He has spent some years in law enforcement and always has our backs when we run into...ethical issues. Occasionally, Blair serves as a little bit of a distraction, but that also helps when we have some REAL moral issues to deal with -- she just has to bat her eyes and we are covered. Don't ever worry about the law getting involved, with Ol'Mick on your side


Billy disposes of all the used utensils and extra appendages. They can be toxic and need to be taken care of in the right manner…or thrown into a deep lake. If there is one thing Billy is good at, it is disappearing without a trace. Your mess will never come back to haunt you once he has finished with it. Don't let the alcoholism trick you, he is dedicated to avoiding time in the slammer, so he will make sure nothing leads back to him meaning nothing will lead back to you.

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