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This origin luckily came about from the Noir Not the Father Saga. Stella figured that her life as a talk show host wasn’t really working out for her, since she always had the same guests. So she decided to start an agency. Knowing she couldn’t have an agency on her own, she decided to seek help from her fellow NNTF costars, aka her only “friends”. Obviously, she still wanted to make people’s lives as hard as possible, which is why she wanted to bring back Blair, Mick, Billy and Jack. They were a f***** up bunch, so working with them would be entertaining. Blair, who recently became in an official relationship with Mick, probably still has something going on with Billy under the table, whore, but who really knows. Stella wanted to bring them under the same roof to see what could unfold. Jack is back because, well, free alcohol for all. He is a bartender, and when in doubt, he could make something tasty.


Anyway. We wanted to create an agency that brought us all together and that focused on our individual skills. This agency is made to clean up the messes, that most people wouldn’t want to clean. The 5 of us basically just take time out of our busy ass schedules to take care of business. The shipments come, we do the stuff, then we drink. a lot.

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